Continental philosophical perspectives on life sciences and emerging technologies

This series aims to provide a podium for authors to address concrete issues of emerging life sciences and technologies from a ‘continental philosophical’ perspective (which includes phenomenology, hermeneutics, dialectics, psychoanalysis, pragmatism, critical theory and similar approaches) in areas such as epistemology, ontology and philosophical anthropology. Read more about submissions
The collection started to publish: 13 June 2016

ELSA & RRI - Ethical, legal and social aspects of emerging sciences and responsible research & innovation

Sensitivity to ethical, legal and societal issues, particularly within the life sciences, has increased over the years and has become a standard feature of funding programs. In particular, responsible research & innovation focuses on increasing involvement of stakeholder perspectives in research so as to make research more sensitive to the needs and concerns of society. Read more about submissions
The collection started to publish: 3 January 2014

Biobanks as sites of bio-objectification

The thematic series understands the contents of biobanks as bio-objects, referring to a socially potent biotechnological entity which generates controversy due to its potential challenging of established classifications.
The collection started to publish: 21 July 2015

Data protection (Brocher Foundation workshop)

The workshop discussed data protection and direct-to-consumer testing in relation to genome sequencing, aiming at informing discussions on all aspects of data protection and direct-to-consumer genetic testing: legal, ethical, and social.
The collection started to publish: 27 March 2015

Sport and Genomics

Genetic testing/screening in athletes, especially preventive testing, is a diagnostic tool to identify hereditary health risks, but such preventive applications are sometimes hard to distinguish from enhancing measures, especially when talking about sports. As a matter of fact, it seems as if sports serves as the ideal playground for genomics in order to test outcomes in real life.
The collection started to publish: 15 May 2012

LSSP now indexed in MEDLINE

In addition to being available in PubMed Central (PMC) since 2016, the journal is now also in MEDLINE, the National Library of Medicine journal citation database. Authors who publish in Life Sciences, Society and Policy can now greatly benefit from having their articles indexed in this prestigious and reputable database.

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